QUAHRC Qualitative Advisory Service

The QUAHRC Qualitative Advisory Service is a free consultation service where experienced qualitative researchers offer advice on the design and conduct of applied qualitative health research. The QUAHRC team provide this service to students and staff at King's College London at any stage of their research. The service is designed to offer general guidance only and is no substitute for qualitative supervision or ongoing input on grants. 

Support is provided in the following areas:

  • Qualitative research methods including individual interviews, focus group discussions, qualitative systematic reviews, qualitative research in clinical trials, ethical issues, content analysis, thematic analysis, framework analysis and rigour in qualitative research.
  • Qualitative methodologies including participatory research, grounded theory, interpretative phenomenological analysis and narrative inquiry.

The QUAHRC Qualitative Advisory Service can offer two 30 minute appointments a year, which may be booked in succession if an appointment longer than 30 minutes is required.

Appointments are available every other Monday. 

Please use the form below to book an appointment.