QUAHRC Student Writing Group

photo of a tablet engraved with the words "Write without fear, edit without mercy"

The QUAHRC Student Writing Group is intended to be a supportive, friendly place for feedback and support on all aspects of qualitative research writing. It will meet monthly for an hour. Each month one or two members will submit an extract of writing that they would like help with to the group in advance, with the meeting focused around feedback and discussion in an informal and non-scary environment. Written extracts could be anything from qualitative work you are doing, such as methods, results, or discussion sections, or any specific aspect of qualitative writing work. Occasionally, where there are particular issues with writing that group members would like more advice or support on, we will invite speakers to give a talk and Q&A session on these.

The group is open to all students at King's College London who are undertaking any qualitative research and have an interest in improving their writing and supporting others with the same goal. The aim is to foster a supportive and positive group, so please get in touch if you are interested and willing to make a regular commitment (of around three to four sessions over a term).

To get involved, please email quahrc [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk and we will send you more information.