Call for Contributors: QUAHRC Impact in Qualitative Research Blog

21 Sep 2022
A large splash as if a rock has been thrown into the sea
Blog launch

Today the QUAHRC has launched a new blog -  the Impact in Qualitative Research Blog. In our first post, Gemma McKenzie reflects on the process she used to ensure maximum real-world impact through her research on freebirthing and how findings were disseminated. You can read this here

Impact in Qualitative Research Blog Aims

The aim of the blog is for the qualitative health research community at King’s to have a place to showcase their work, with a specific focus around impacts and outcomes. There is often limited opportunity to demonstrate impact in qualitative research, and so our aim is to provide a place to encourage discussion and engagement with issues of impact in qualitative research. 

Making a splash with your research?

Our focus will initially be on the fantastic work that is being done at King’s and the impact this is having on health and care outside of the research community. We are looking for contributors, so if you are based at King’s and have an idea for a blog post, get in touch at quahrc [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk. Writing a blog post on impact will provide an opportunity for further and renewed interest in research findings. We provide support with editing and formatting. See below for some post suggestions and get in touch if you would like to write something for us!

Suggested posts:

The overarching focus of the blog post must be on impact from qualitative research. This could be any of the following forms:

  • Extending a recent paper by talking more specifically about the impacts associated with the paper. This could restate the issues from the paper but provide longer commentary on impact of the paper, along with any further discussion, comments, or outcomes that have followed since the paper was published.
  • Discussing general methods to improve impact from qualitative research, with examples from your own research (this could be using social media, open access, public engagement, etc).
  • Reviewing a paper by someone else, focusing on how they achieved impact and lessons that can be learnt from this for other qualitative health researchers.
  • Providing a personal commentary on building impact into your qualitative research.
  • If you have another idea for a blog post on impact in qualitative research that you want to write, get in touch and we will be happy to support this.