Participatory and Creative Research

Participatory research has a 'philosophy of inclusivity and recognizing the value of engaging [participants] in the research process’ (Cargo and Mercer 2008). It can include participant involvement in the planning, design, conduct, analysis, write-up and dissemination of research. 

At the QUAHRC we have extensive experience in expertise in a range of participatory approaches including community-based participatory research, participatory action research and participatory health research. Examples of our participatory work include our work understanding the mental health priorities of adolescents in the UK, a photovoice project with Nigerian refugees in Italy, and a diary study on the impact of the pandemic on young people in inner-city adults in the UK. 

If you would like to discuss how to adopt or design participatory approaches, include participants in decision making processes, or think through issues around ethics and ownership in participatory research, please email us on quahrc [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk. We can offer training and/or consultancy services as appropriate.