Inspiring Ethics

Inspiring Ethics is a group of researchers who want to reshape ethical relations in community-based research and change the bioethical model of university ethics. We are particularly concerned with university and NHS ethical processes around participatory, cross-cultural, survivor, user-led and international research. Inspiring ethics include members from the QUAHRC, the Centre for Society and Mental Health, the Mental Health and Society Group at King’s College London, and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Global Health Department. Beyond academics, we are also people from migrant backgrounds, service users, activists, charity volunteers and more. 

How we work

We have one-hour meetings online on the first Wednesday of every month. The meetings are to vent about and support each other through ethical quagmires. We also have presentations on ethics, organise events and write funding applications together. If you'd like to attend our meetings, please email inspiring-ethics [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk. If you'd like to chat to someone before coming, you can email sohail [dot] jannesari [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk.   

QUAHRC Support

QUAHRC support has been crucial to Inspiring Ethics. The QUAHRC initially funded the group's convener to bring people together and facilitate the meetings. Once the group was set up and self-sustaining, QUAHRC collaborated with Inspiring Ethics to host a provocative public seminar titled: Does qualitative health research need ethics committees? The QUAHRC has further collaborated on funding applications with Inspiring Ethics, including NIHR grants. Recently, we had success with internal funding application for a community research event on ethics. The QUARHC's Qualitative Open Mic podcast has also hosted Inspiring Ethics guests and speakers on its episodes.