Survivor Research

Survivor research is the systematic exploration of issues that are important to service users and survivors using experience-based methodologies and leading to new, transferable knowledge. At the IoPPN, survivor research is conducted within the Service User Research Enterprise (SURE). SURE is a unique academic research group comprised predominantly of researchers with direct experience of neurodiversity, trauma, violence and abuse, mental distress, and/or using (or refusing) mental health services. Please see the projects section of our webpages for examples of our current projects:

Whilst SURE conducts original survivor led research studies, we also co-develop survivor-led work packages nested within existing studies. For instance, we might design, lead and conduct a qualitative work package that explores phenomena from service user and survivor perspectives, bringing a new, critical perspective and depth to wider study findings.

Including survivor research in your study

If you would like to discuss including a survivor research component in your study or research programme, please submit the support request form (download here) to quahrc [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk.