Living With and Beyond Cancer Study

Living with and beyond cancer (LWBC) is an emerging concept in cancer care. Around 2.5 million people are living with a cancer diagnosis in the UK and more than half of those people receiving cancer treatment will now live for ten years or beyond. Despite increased survival rates, many people are living with long-term consequences of cancer and of treatment. The aim of the LWBC study was to improve the long-term quality of life for people who live with and beyond cancer, and to better understand the experiences and needs of those who have completed primary cancer treatment.

The LWBC study was an 18-month research study which aimed to understand what is meant by living with and beyond cancer. The study comprised a literature review, and interviews and focus groups with people affected by cancer. From the findings, the ARC Cancer Framework was developed as a framework and approach to understanding LWBC: Adversity, Restoration and Compatibility (Le Boutillier et al, 2019). 


Picture of the ARC framework with the different components