Qualitative Open Mic: Making Interpretations Episode 2 - Michael Larkin on Leaning into interpretation in IPA

14 Feb 2024

In this series we are exploring the art of interpreting qualitative health data, sharing insights achieving conceptual depth with different types of data and methods, integrating qualitative findings with quantitative data, and integrating lived experience in interpretation.

In this episode: 

This episode reflects on the history and theory of Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis: where does its approach to meaning sit in relation to other qualitative methods and methodologies? How have new ways of collecting data and the expansion of creative methods changed IPA research? We go on to consider the insights IPA can bring to key questions actively being debated across qualitative research: the inclusion of lived experience perspectives, decolonisation, and open science.

Michael Larkin is a Reader in the School of Psychology at Aston University. He is interested in how people make sense of - and cope with - difficult or distressing experiences, and particularly interested in the role played relationships with professionals, peers and family. His teaching and supervisory work draws on applied psychology, phenomenology, philosophy of science, implementation and intervention science, meta-synthesis, and co-design.

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