Qualitative Open Mic: Making Interpretations Episode 4 - Elaine Keane on Constructivist Grounded Theory

17 Apr 2024

In this series we are exploring the art of interpreting qualitative health data, sharing insights achieving conceptual depth with different types of data and methods, integrating qualitative findings with quantitative data, and integrating lived experience in interpretation.

In this episode:

Constructivist grounded theory's origins lie in criticisms of classical grounded theory as overly objectivist and insufficiently reflexive when it comes to interpretive processes. Sohail and Elaine discuss this context before going on to unpack the whys and hows of interpretation in constructivist grounded theory, how researchers can make the vital leap from description of data to higher-level conceptualisation, plus the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Dr. Elaine Keane is Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies in the School of Education at the University of Galway, Ireland. Her research focuses on social class and education, teacher diversity, and constructivist grounded theory (CGT), and she has published widely and has led national and international projects in these areas. Elaine has taught expert workshops on CGT throughout Ireland and internationally and has authored and co-authored several book chapters on the methodology

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