Qualitative Open Mic: Qualitative Conundrums - Sharli Paphitis on theory in qualitative research

03 Aug 2022

Qualitative research often brings up a lot of questions for researchers with much debate and few clear answers. This series aims to tackle some of the fundamental questions we face conducting qualitative research and provide insight from experts into ways to address these qualitative conundrums.

In this episode...

Dr Sharli Paphitis talks about how to use theory in qualitative research. Sharli is a philosopher and qualitative researcher who currently works with the NIHR Global Health Research Group on packages of care for mental health for survivors of violence in Low and Middle Income Countries. 

In this episode, Sharli talks about using a theoretical framework, common points that trip people up when trying to apply theory to analysis, and gives an excellent example of how to apply theory to qualitative analysis in practice. She also touches on the challenges of trying to make and apply your own theory, and makes some recommendations for further reading on the topic.

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