QUAHRC Seminar Series: Talking about delusions with Dr Anke Maatz

8 March 2022, 11:00 to 12:00
Online - MS Teams

In solidarity with colleagues who are taking part in the UCU industrial action on 28th February, we have taken the decision to postpone the seminar. The seminar will now be held at 11am on Tuesday 8th March

Please note, you do not need to re-register for the seminar if you have already registered. The updated joining details will be emailed to you if you have already registered. 

For more information about UCU Industrial action, please see further information here: https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/11896/Why-were-taking-action 

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you can make it on the 8th. We will also be recording the seminar and it will be available here afterwards for those who can’t attend.

The Qualitative Applied Health Research Centre and Dr Anke Maatz present the second event in the QUAHRC Seminar Series.
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Dr Maatz introduces the topic:

"Delusions are traditionally considered the hallmark of mental illness and there is an enormous body of literature from a variety of disciplines seeking to illuminate this phenomenon. Importantly, the conceptualisation of delusions remains controversial, a particularly intricate issue being the question whether delusions are understandable like any non-pathological mental state or unintelligible due to their “utter strangeness” as some authors have it. Without subscribing to any one side of this juxtaposition, it seems we are challenged – in clinical conversations and qualitative research alike – to navigate between radical otherness and understanding.

In this talk, I explore how understandability and unintelligibility manifest in a sample of conversations about first-person experiences of delusions and I ask what insights different qualitative methodological approaches (esp. content analysis and conversation analysis) allow and what assumptions about delusions they make. I also reflect on the role of interdisciplinarity and participatory research designs in addressing this challenge." 

Dr Anke Maatz, MA, is Leader of the Humanities in Mental Health group at the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Zurich. Anke has studied philosophy and medicine at the universities of Munich, Heidelberg, Jena and Durham. 

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