Slides now available: QSIG Midday Talk: A participatory arts-based exploration of young people’s mental health following adverse childhood experiences

29 Apr 2024, 12:00 to 13:00
Online - Zoom

Simran Sansoy and Isabelle Butcher, based at the University of Oxford, Department of Psychiatry, will present the methodologies the ATTUNE project has utilised to date. This includes creative arts practice data, such as animation, photography, dance, as well as quantitative data.  The ATTUNE project is a multi-site project funded by UKRI MRC (2021-2025) with support from NIHR ARCs, to understand the mechanisms behind Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). ATTUNE consists of six work streams which include creative arts workshops, analysis of data sets, co-design of a public health resource and a serious video game, modelling economics and our pathway to impact.

Isabelle Butcher is a postdoctoral researcher working on the ATTUNE project and completed her PhD at University of Manchester (2020) which was funded by Medical Research Council and examined the association between traumatic life events, attachment style and negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

Simran Sansoy is  project manager for ATTUNE and has an interest in trauma, biological and therapeutic intervention - especially in adolescents. This stemmed from her interest in the physical manifestation of psychological issues. 

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